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22/11/2020 8:51 AM  #1

​Good job! IO Interactive, Hitman game developer, reveals new projec

Continuously reinforces greatness! After the game camp, IOslotInteractive just released a preview of a new project. IO Interactive, the developer of the hitman series of popular video games, is coming with the return of Agent 47. A short 50 second preview clip was revealed via the media on Twitter. This shows a typical release clip of 007 loading a rifle into the chamber. The camera follows the bullet down the barrel to best represent the iconic unity of James Bond.However, the company IO Interactive recently revealed the official schedule for the launch of Hitman 3 from January 20, 2021 onwards, if players who purchase the Hitman 3 game on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One can upgrade The Free Next-Gen version is upgraded, and users on the Nintendo Switch platform will also be able to access the cloud version. There is still one more channel of access. After the camp has just partnered with GOG in the general PC version via the Epic Store as well.Currently, the game Hitman 3 is open to general users to access each other. Just order a pre-order in advance today.


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