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​Understand each other again! No need to see anyone

Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.Many people may have slot heard the beliefs in childhood. That if someone is peeping into other people in the birthday dress (Without wearing clothes) can make it a "sty eye" when we grow up and look back at the old beliefs Then realized that This belief is a little exaggerated. When he's porn We go through see Or may intend to see Why did that disease come down on us?

The eye stye is actually an inflammation at the base of the eye. When it is, there will be obvious redness and swelling. And will be in a little pain But in some cases, it doesn't seem like much in the past, if someone with a stye is often joking about having to watch someone take a bath or not. It is the belief that is spoken to each other until it becomes enthralling Which in this belief is not all wrong Imagine a bathroom surrounded by zinc. Or is it a normal brick and mortar wall? Will have a small hole From either wall to be able to see When someone peeps Is often put their eyes in place with a small hole There are dust, dirt, fungi, sometimes those things that get into the eyes and actually cause inflammation, adults just want to remind us. I don't want to grow up to be a human being. Therefore reminded each other since childhood


The real cause of eye stye
Eye stye caused by blockage of the sebaceous glands at the base of the eyelashes. When it comes in, it makes it easy for pathogens to enter. Another reason that can cause this disease From the lack of rest in the body Not eating time Or less regular exercise, which causes the immune system to function so low that the body is weak Also, people who have to work and use their eyes a lot Or people with impaired vision, but this is not fixed In some cases, rubbing their eyes too often Makes the eyelids unclean Using makeup and washing it off is not clean. Causing the accumulation of germs or chemicals until the insertion Or removing contact lenses by hand is another factor that can cause eye stye as well.

Sty eyes are caused by bacteria that are purulent. Staphylococcus aureus, which in some cases has not been treated The pus may disappear by itself. Or may break Or it may cause a large accumulation to interfere with our vision.


Eye stye can be divided into 2 types.
Puffed eye stye: This first type of stye is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the skin at the base of the eyelashes. It is characterized by an abscess that is clearly visible around the eye area. There is a yellow color in the middle, it will be raised red when pressed, will feel pain.

Intraocular stye: This type of stye is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the conjunctiva of the eyelid, the pink tissue deep from the edge of the eye. Have to pull out the eyelids to see When it is, there is pain in the eye area. If you feel it with your fingers, you will find it hard and painful. If the inner eyelid slips out, a yellowish boil will appear. Which the sebaceous glands clogged There may be a blockage of a small opening. Causing the tissue to gather within the gland to form a bulge No pain It is medically referred to as Calaceans, but in folk languages ​​it is referred to as a cyst.

Symptoms of patients with eye stye
Patients will have pain in the eyelids when rolling or closing their eyes will cause pain. In some cases, eyelid swelling may occur. Noticeable lumps, watery eyes, itching when a foreign object gets into the eye. And also allergic to sunlight In some patients, the swelling may occur until the eyes are closed. Or may be serious, causing pus to flow from the eyelid area In the event of pus ruptures in the eye, the eye's residue will be green.

How do you know it's an eye stye?
Eye stye is most common in adolescents to adults. The elderly were less common. But if it is found in the elderly, a physical examination may be required, which may detect diabetes or hypertension, which will weaken the immune system, and stye eyes are also common in people. Sick of rubbing eyes Does not keep the face clean People with facial and oily skin disease

For diagnosis to know whether it is an eye stye or not, the doctor will check if there is a lump in the eyelid area or not, if found and pressed on the lump, it will feel pain, red eye symptoms, clear eye discharge. But if it is a hard kidney It will be just a lump that does not hurt the eyes, not red, or nothing. It will only interfere with vision. Or it may cause irritation like something stuck in the eye. It is not a serious disease. Can respond well to treatment.


How to treat a sty eye?
Drug treatment: This is an early treatment for eye stye. When the eyelids begin to become inflamed But still not festering The doctor will recommend using the medication along with warm water compresses to relieve the inflammation until it is healed and eventually normal.However, this treatment must be examined and prescribed by a doctor only. You should never buy your own medication.

Surgical treatment: This is a treatment for a blistery eye stye. Or have a solid lump in the kidney The doctor will cut and scrape off until the cleanest. Which when performing surgery But there is still some pus left, which makes it more likely to recur Patients have to take good care of themselves. So as not to cause inflammation Or a new infection occurs

How to take care of yourself as a stye?
Wash your hands regularly.

Do not squeeze the pus out by yourself.

Apply a compress with warm water.

Avoid makeup

Refrain from wearing contact lenses

Knowing this And do not want to be an eye stye should always take care of the cleanliness on our face, skin around the eyes and our hands always. If you avoid being in a dusty place


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