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19/11/2020 9:44 AM  #1

​'Computer' wins human race in reading

Seven years ago, the news about the capabilities of slot computers attracted much attention. Is a competition between humans and artificial intelligence. In the game to test your knowledge around Jeopardy!

At that time the computer won. And after Artificial intelligence enhances the intelligence of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The latest this month, the AI ​​system has been developed by the US company Microsoft. And Alibaba of China Can Beat the Human Reading Comprehension in Stanford University Quiz.

The latest computer triumph Indicates the speed of finding assistant information and services through voice commands. This is a job that would be widely available for health services and other fields.

Even if you see that AI is capable of reading comprehension speed than humans Researchers study answers to which computers are wrong. And found that artificial intelligence still has some limitations And it is difficult to compare the intelligence of the computer with that of the human being.

Kevin Scott, Microsoft Chief Technology Officer, said: There is still a lot of work to do. Than computers can interpret text content the same way people do.

On a Stanford exam, computers can answer questions accurately by searching the Wikipedia online encyclopedia for specific questions. Such as the reign of Genghis Khan

But artificial intelligence can't answer the simple questions. About American football And unable to interpret the word 'most', which means 'most' clearly

Professor Michael Littman, who teaches computer science at Brown University, said that for some questions It is impossible for artificial intelligence to perform better than humans. Because man determines what the correct answer is

The impressive, he said, is that computers can perform as well as humans. Not because they do better than people. Under the condition that AI does not set the accuracy standard


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