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12/11/2020 10:47 AM  #1

What is "eye allergy"? Symptoms and Treatment

Eye allergies are similar to other treatable allergy symptoms. But may not be cured Because when stimulated by allergens Could lose again Should avoid various สล็อตxo factors that cause allergic reactions And treat symptoms

Symptoms of eye allergies that are common
Itchy eyes

Tears flow

Red swollen eyelids

There may be red, swollen conjunctiva.

With clear white eye dross Or the appearance of mucus coming out

If symptoms are severe There may be an allergic reaction to light, unable to open the eyes.

Have nasal allergies

Allergy to eyes Can occur with allergies in other parts of the body In people with allergies Symptoms can be expressed in many places, from the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Cause symptoms Chronic cough, sneezing, runny nose, dermatitis Or itchy skin with Some patients have symptoms only in certain areas of the body. While some are all in common

Take care of yourself, prevent eye allergies.
Keep it clean Especially if you use contact lenses regularly Always wash your hands before removing or wearing your contact lenses.

Do not wear contact lenses for a long time. Do not wear contact lenses for more than 12 hours.

Exercise regularly To keep the immune system strong

Avoid contact with allergens or foreign chemicals known to be allergic. And cause allergies

For people with seasonal eye allergies The doctor may give you a preventive medication If that season has passed Can stop using the drug


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