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26/10/2020 5:00 AM  #1

​Watch the "real" nuclear test "

This is the first time that a "secret" video about the 1945-1992 US nuclear weapons test has been made public on YouTube.Greg Spriggs, nuclear weapons  slotxo physicist at "Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory" and film expert Jim Moye. Together they recovered old videos recorded in approximately 6,500 - 10,000 rolls of film, which took at least 2 years to scan them all. And it will take even longer to reveal all the videos. Due to having to pass the military inspection first

In the end They scanned only 4,200 rolls of film and uploaded 64 videos to be published via YouTube, follow the link below.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Greg Spriggs hopes that the information will be useful for future studies of nuclear weapons physics.


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