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22/10/2020 5:23 AM  #1

​San Andreas (2015)

If talking about the new earthquake movie There could be no more thrilling and realistic story than this director Brad Peyton's work. He has worked with action hero slotxo Dwayne Johnson, who in addition to San Andreas, the two are working together to make films for both Journey 2 The Mysterious Island and Rampage in this story The Rock plays Become an LA firefighter on a mission to save her daughter. Trying to survive a great earthquake That happened along the San Andrés rift, causing the destruction of large cities, including San Francisco.

 Although the film was made for entertainment purposes, director Brad Peyton was well aware of the earthquake. Because such events still happen around the world and affect many people's lives. Therefore, the movie itself has to be portrayed realistically. Must not be made into a joke. It's not an alien or superhero movie. So we have to respect what happens on the screen. Because there may be people who have been affected by real events to watch the movie The film grossed nearly $ 500 million from all over the world, making it the highest grossing film from Warner's label that year.



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