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15/10/2020 5:46 AM  #1

Top Gun by What the Flick

The era will find a man who is as cool as the fiery man, Maveric, played by handsome 'Tom Cruise' in a fighter pilot suit and cool Rayban glasses in the elite pilot training school Top Gun. Directed by Tony Scott, Don Simpson and Jeri Brachheimer, this film brings you to the birth of Tom Cruise, the new star of Hollywood. Yes

Maverick's story is full of obstacles. A bitter slot168 and paradoxical plot of life and love for dreaming of becoming a top fighter pilot, the charm that once created a trend for young Americans. Flocked to join the pilot with these handsome airs Kanto Motorcycle And the old ray-ban sunglasses In addition to the catchy '80s soundtrack, Take My Breath Away, which continues to hit the charts with the film and the lead star. Plus the action scenes in the middle of the air that will be fun during the scene is great. For people who like the fighter. And are interested in the subject of the pilot, should look for it This is a pretty good inspiration.


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