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27/9/2020 8:01 AM  #1

Changing yourself is not difficult, just keep "talking to yourself"

In our life At some point, I began to feel that familiar behavior may no longer respond to life. Which, if at that point What you've been doing will immediately become a "problem" that makes you want to solve it by But many people think that changing themselves is difficult. Therefore do not dare to act

But changing yourself is not difficult. We just need to understand ourselves first. Because sometimes if we do not understand yourself or agree with yourself first. It may cause the change to go unstable and give up the momentum, so talk to yourself. It is the key to a fruitful change. What are the steps for talking to yourself? Let's go and see.

Know the problem first
Before, no matter what behavior we are familiar with We either do not care or do not care about anything, but only the advantages. And put their own desires in place If you want to do anything, you won't be able to pull it off. Until we start to be affected by something we do. So I have a feeling of wanting to change Began to realize that familiar things might be a problem. Which if starting to know the problem that has arisen Will lead to changes in the next step

Starting to be dissatisfied with the problem
Usually people are not happy with the so-called "problems" because problems are hindrance. Causing us to be unable to live normally happily And it is important that we realize that Problems are considerations in order to make them better. Not to keep Since we already know what the problem is And began to resent The next step that people will take is Began to hesitate what to do

What should I do during the hesitation?
At this stage, we are fully aware of what the problem is. And began to know what to do next But in my feelings, I was still in two minds as to which way to choose Even though I know that this is a problem of mind, I still (deceive myself) that there is an advantage. One heart wants to change. So I can't decide whether to ignore it. Leave blur and the same problem. Or will take action to make things better, but if possible through this period Is considered to be half the success

Decide to take action
We must be pleased with ourselves that we have finally decided to bring ourselves to this point. Because not everyone decides to act right away. Which at this stage We will come up with various ways to put them into action. However, many of them fell to death because they kept saying, "Wait a minute now." In the end, it crashes since it hasn't even started yet.
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