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Symptoms like this are viruses or bacteria.

When entering every season of changing seasons The weather around us will change dramatically. From hot to rain From rain to cold And from cold to hot For this reason, therefore Ill easily get together with the flu. Especially young children and the elderly Including those who are not healthy Even more easily becoming ill with the flu When having a cold, most people mistakenly believe that they must take antibiotics every time.

But actually the use of antibiotics to treat colds is only necessary in cases of colds and inflammation What kind of flu is needed and which antibiotics are not needed?
Have you ever wondered Why does he take any medicine? The disease doesn't go away. When antibiotics are eaten instead of harming your body, it may be because you are having resistance.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Niyada Kiat Ying Angsuli The manager of the Academic Monitoring and System Development Center (OCSC) told us that Factors that cause the situation of drug resistance has not improved Not just Thailand's only All over the world will be Same problem Which consists of many factors Awareness The understanding of health personnel may still be involved. Especially food or the environment The public will receive The opportunity to get to know whether there is a residue of antibiotics or not is quite difficult. Therefore, we emphasize that integration is very important.

Dr. Suprida Adunyanont, Manager of the Health Promotion Fund, said that because Thai people do not have the knowledge and understanding of drug resistance as it should be. With determination to solve the problem of drug resistance Which at present is an important issue MPs have collaborated with The Academic Monitoring and System Development Center, the Center for Public Health encourages people to become aware of drug resistance at the community level to the national level. In this year, MPs and networks are ready to announce their intention to solve the crisis. Resistance To raise awareness and alertness among people to use antibiotics reasonably

The initial diagnosis method by yourself that the illness we live in is caused by a virus or bacteria.

Caused by a virus, most of them are mucous, coughing, may have throat or sore throat or hoarseness.

How to treat colds caused by a virus Can heal by sufficient rest Keeping your body warm and drinking plenty of water may take 5 - 7 days. The symptoms will improve. Recommend to gargle with salt water to prevent subsequent bacterial infections.

Caused by bacteria, must have 3 in 4 symptoms as follows

Swollen tonsils or purulent spots

Swollen lymph nodes in the front of the jaw, swollen face, growing sore

Fever (greater than 38 degrees Celsius)

No cough
Treatment methods: Consult a pharmacist. Or see a doctor to diagnose antibiotics

How to take the right medicine

Each antibiotic Must eat continuously for a period of time in order to be able to destroy all bacteria. The duration of continuous medication may vary. Depending on the type of medicine

Taking certain antibiotics Caution, special use, for example, some types must be eaten at least 15-30 minutes before meals. Some types should not be taken with milk or antacids. Due to causing interference with drug absorption Read the label before pg using the medicine.

Effects of improper use of antibiotics


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