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15/10/2020 7:44 AM  #1

Super sexy! "Lee Jina" Ring Girls Extreme Battle

 Even with the spread of COVID-19 Will make us miss to see "Lee Ji Na" (Lee Ji Na) Ring girl beautiful girl of fighting ONE Championship in the ring for a long time.However, she is always a young man's เกมสล็อต favorite and luckily the world today has more channels than ever before. She often takes photos of showing off her body through social media for her fans. Have been seen regularlyFor young South Korean ring girls Named one of the top ring girls in the world by making the top ten in the 2020 Ring Girls In MMA rankings, she was also the only Asian ring girl who Has a name attached to the house  She also took the position. Ring Girl of the Year 2018 at the awarding of "ONE Championship" in Singapore. By a beautiful woman from An Dong With the most dumb figure Become a part of the most popular martial arts competition in 2016 before becoming a fan favorite. Many around the world  Which is more than she has come to this point She was admitted to the Shinhan Bank, a South Korean financial organization, but everything changed. When she was persuaded by a senior model Before you find yourself And started his career as a fashion model And in no time she became known all over South Korea. After she was able to win Maxim Korea's Miss Bikini Contest.  In addition, one of her abilities Is to be a famous DJ who takes on a pub show. And create entertainment for fans Which is now the top Of the country

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