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01/10/2020 8:09 AM  #1

​The prime minister accepts monorail pink-yellow

The prime minister accepts monorail pink-yellow line Preparing to open for service by the year 65

Anucha Buraphachaisri, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Presided over the receiving ceremony for the first monorail. The MRT Pink Line Project: Khae Rai - Min Buri Section and the MRT Yellow Line Project: Lat Phrao - Samrong Section
The Prime Minister said that taking the Monorail, the Pink Line and the Yellow Line. It represents another step forward in the project other than construction. With confidence that both projects will go forward with full force In preparation for the opening of the monorail service to the public As scheduled, full service is provided by the year 65.

The Prime Minister stressed that the government attaches great importance to สล็อตxo
 the development of the country's transport and transportation infrastructure. It is defined in the 20-year national strategic plan and has pushed for the continued infrastructure Emphasize important things in every sector to understand people and campaign for more people to use Take care of the people as much as possible. Try to adjust the price accordingly And giving people access to services thoroughly

Moreover, the MRT Pink Line Project: Khae Rai - Min Buri Section and the MRT Yellow Line Project: Lad Phrao - Samrong Section are part of the government's PPP Fast Track policy. As well as providing opportunities for the private sector to participate in investments in large-scale basic projects with the government sector

Mr. Sak Siam Chidchob, Minister of Transport, said that the Pink Line project, Khae Rai - Min Buri section, has a route that runs through the north of Bangkok. In the west-east line, the total distance is 34.5 kilometers, there are 30 train stations in operation and the Yellow Line MRT Project. Lat Phrao - Samrong There is a line across the north-south line. On the east side of Bangkok, a total distance of 30.4 kilometers, there are 23 train stations in operation, designed as a monorail straddle system on elevated runways above the road island It takes less time to construct than heavy rail systems, suitable for construction work in congested areas.
At the same time, the lines of both projects can also serve as feeders, effectively feeding passengers to the main mass rapid transit system. Due to the presence of a number of Skytrain stations that connect to major lines Will help fill the electric train network in Bangkok more completely

For electric trains that will be run for service in the Pink Line Project And the yellow line is the Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300, controlled by the driverless CITYFLO 650 signaling system. The interior of the train is fully equipped with safety equipment. By delivering vehicles from the manufacturer to Thailand It will continue to complete 42 trains for the Pink Line and 30 trains for the Yellow Line by the year '64, along with the installation and commissioning process to ensure confidence. And prepare for the full opening of the service by the year 65


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