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21/9/2020 8:13 AM  #1

Sadfishing, the drama of people who like sad posts,called the top Like

Online society or social media is a world where everything is fast and easily emerging, as recently a new term has emerged to call the netizens' drama king-drama queen behavior. To post a sad story demanding attention online The term is Sadfishing, which is a combination of the words Sad and Fishing, indicating the grief of sadness. This behavior is not just a simple online behavior, but many people think that sadfishing may be a behavior that affects people with depression. And may lead to being Bully in teenagers as well

What is sadfishing?

         Sadfishing is a description of the behavior of netizens who like to post their sad feelings on social media to seek the attention of their online friends. Or maybe just want the number of likes Total comments Which sad posting may not be real feelings It can add emotion and feelings beyond the truth to make it look more interesting.

          The sentences that fall into the category of Sadfishing are such as "I can't stand it anymore", "I don't know what to live for," "what I saw today is really bad", etc.

How does sadfishing affect?

          Experts say If the sad story posting has a certain purpose, such as the sad posting of celebrities, celebs or bloggers. To review products For example Posts about skin problems that have been teased so many that it is already my own inferiority But in reality, it is about to be a presenter for a beauty institution, for example. Sadfishing with a purpose like this may not have a huge impact on people. Because it may not be done often Doing a few times is over. It's called making drama, but it's enough to deal with the consequences.
          While the other is more concerned Which is a group of teenagers That may be used to get sadfishing to get attention Post a sad story called top likes. Call for encouraging comments And may become addicted to frequent dramas and become a habit And if on any given day, posting a sad story doesn't bring satisfactory results It can have a negative effect on your own feelings.
          Sadfishing among teenagers abroad can also be easily bully, according to a survey by Digital Awareness UK that adolescents (ages 11-16) tend to engage in sadfishing behaviors. interested And most of them will get their attention in the online world successfully. But in real life school, friends are caught posting really sad, but not so sad that it gets ridiculed.

Sadfishing and depression

          In contrast, if a patient is depressed The real sad feelings post their dwelling and dwelling on the horrible feelings they are, but are instead seen to show drama for attention. That being said, it can make people with depression feel worse. And may make those around you not know the possibilities of depressed patients at all Which is extremely dangerous for patients . Stay tuned for more news here >>slotxo


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