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21/8/2020 3:28 AM  #1

Fish shooting games and techniques

Online fish shooting game Popular with online slotxo game players right now Starting at only 0.1 baht, the style of the fish shooting game is easy to play. Have fun, enjoy the thrill of shooting fish to death. In order to win and receive a prize from that fish The prize money will vary depending on the type of gun, ammunition, type of fish, characteristics of small fish, large, difficult to die. Is a part of bringing the prize money The reward rate is more valuable than other games. Easy to shoot, dead fish fast. There are more than 15 games to choose from. One person plays in groups. You can invite friends to play. Guarantee that if you try to play and will definitely be impressed and come back to play again.

Techniques for playing fish shooting game
+ Shoot the small fish first If there is little capital To collect the prize money first To have funds to change the type of gun That in some games can be done And can increase the odds of ammunition As a way to increase prize money Do not shoot large fish. Or the boss of the fish shooting game first

+ Waiting for the fish season To change the scene, there are about 4 scenes together that will have a lot of fish to choose from and shoot together. And there will be a game boss, which is the highest prize money of the game as well. And make the shot as easy as possible. Do not shoot fish that are close to the screen. Because it will make us miss the opportunity to win and waste bullets or stakes.

+ Long press the game or automatic press for a long time because it wastes bullets. If the fish did not die And may cause the system to freeze and may not receive any winnings Due to the lack of accuracy in shooting Automatic fires should have a range of timing. In case of use

+ Shoot fish next to others Or continue shooting from people with large ammo odds The chances of a fish die during the time we fire are greater than that of the initiator. And focus on shooting the empty fish in the direction that comes to us only You should not shoot randomly as this is a waste of ammunition and stakes.


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