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15/7/2020 8:37 AM  #1

​"Bill Gates" Reveals "Covid-19 Cure"

"Bill Gates" Reveals "Covid-19 Cure" Must Give Those in Need Not the "Most Paid"

Billionaire philanthropist "Bill Gates", founder of Microsoft Corporation Delivered through a conference call organized by the International Aids Association Call for the distribution of medicines or vaccines for the treatment of Covid-19 To the country or people who need the most medicine, not "the person who pays the most" and states that Dependence on the market will make the epidemic spread more and more protracted.

We need leaders to make difficult decisions, such as distributing medicine on an equal basis. It's not based on marketing factors, said Gates.

While hundreds of vaccine projects are under development. And governments in Europe and the United States each invest hundreds of millions of dollars in research, testing and production. A richer country will be able to grab a new strain of the corona virus. And let developing countries not receive anything at all

The European Commission and the World Health Organization have warned about the competition that should not be caused by drug disputes. In order to save lives And solve the economic problems caused by an outbreak of the virus. While government personnel in the United States Have an attitude that wants the American people to receive drugs as the first group

Gates said Efforts to combat the global AIDS crisis That occurred 20 years ago in which countries have collaborated to make medicines available to most parts of the world Including africa Can be a role model in distributing medicines for the treatment slotxo of Covid-19 worldwide.

One of the best lessons in the fight against AIDS. Is to give fair importance to the creation of a large drug distribution system worldwide So that everyone has access to medicines, Gates said.


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