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02/11/2016 12:13 PM  #1

What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

First of all, I'd like to thank every single one of you for registering, especially if you have came from the 'It's Raining Feet' board which, in recent months, has definitely became a community I no longer want to be part of. Much respect to Phil, I didn't think that having exclusivity was good for the community and I believed that every single one of us should've been treated with the same amount of respect and granted the same content as Phil's 'loyalists' had with a paid subscription.

For now, this temporary forum is quite to similar to 'It's Raining Feet' with a few improvements, if I do say so myself! Obviously, in terms of the layout, I had to choose a free web host equivalent to the IRF board, which just further proves that people like myself cannot afford everything and that includes a membership. With this forum, there is a provided search bar at the top of the page, something that many of us IRF members have been wanting for a long time. Furthermore, I have attempted to simplify the categories and forums by Pictures, Videos, Other and a new addition which I think some people might enjoy, Stories and Fanfics, where you can post your experiences with feet or write awesome fanfics about your favourite celebs. I've made it so you can separately post pictures of male celeb feet or non-celebs because I know that a lot of you liked to post candid shots of people you knew. 

It's clear to see that at the moment, this board sucks but with your help, I'm sure we can make this a half decent community. I would really like to hear your feedback on how I can make this forum better for you. For example, if you want a new section to be added, please let me know and I will see what I can do. Apart from that though, I hope that you have a great time on this forum and get posting or sharing as soon as possible...

WHAT HAPPENED? UPDATE: Phil and his group of spendthrifts banned me from the original site as I was asking people who couldn't afford or didn't want to pay money in order to access his new site if they wanted to sign up for this one. Who does he think he is? First of all, he claims that we have haven't helped him in any way by posting pictures on his site for the past couple of years and secondly, he has his removed everything from his orginal site and I have been sitting on my computer for almost a full day now with an IP Changer, telling users who are logging in that the site has been disbanded because Phil never had the decency to tell them himself!

Thanks once again, Radley (Admin) 

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02/11/2016 6:16 PM  #2

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

I'm from the itsrainingfeet forum, kept the same username. Hi!

I can't believe the old forum is completely gone, especially as Footbuddies also suffered a similar fate. All those pics and topics...

Hopefully we can get this new forum up and running in a similar way but its gonna take some time. Especially depending on how many "refugees" from the old forum we get.


02/11/2016 6:24 PM  #3

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

Hi MajesticAngelX, it's a real shame that all of our hard work over the past couple of years have been for nothing and the community I once loved being part of has been disbanded, thanks to MONEY! It will undoubtedly take forever to rebuild this community which is why I need all of your help to make this place great and show Phil and his merry band of followers that you don't need funding to run a forum. I'm really glad you have joined this site though =)

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02/11/2016 7:17 PM  #4

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

I never thought the old forum would *completely* disappear and yet...

I hope over the coming days/weeks we get more old members signing up here.

BTW, your avatar is magnificent. If there was an obscene smiley available, I'd be posting it here lol.


02/11/2016 7:33 PM  #5

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

Haha thanks Majestic, gotta love Jared Padalecki. I really hope more members will sign up too. Phil has removed his post on the old forum saying that he is disbanding the site so I've made it my responsibility to inform people who aren't aware of what has happened to consider joining this site instead, in a hope that we can stick together as a community. It feels quite weird without It's Raining Feet but I'm excited for the potential of this site and I hope you are too 

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03/11/2016 6:14 PM  #6

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

Hey there, also from the old site. It's kind of by chance I found this one actually as it was only through seeing who was online on the old forum (even with no content there anymore) and clicking through to your biography on there that brought me here. Thank you for setting up this forum, your outlook on things is so much better than Phil's, who didn't seem to appreciate the effort it can take to dig up and post the thousands of pics that all the members of the old site contributed, even if they were non-paying members. All my arguments just seemed to fall on willingly deaf ears.

I have to say though, as far as the basics go, this forum is already better than the old IRF forum ever was. I won't have to bookmark the link to the search bar this time! Plus the added sections provide useful distinctions and allow for all sorts of content. I really hope this site grows and takes off.


03/11/2016 6:57 PM  #7

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

Thanks tickler, that means a lot and I'm glad you and the rest have found this site. This forum is still and always will be a work in progress. I will always be looking for ways to improve it and work upon the feedback or problems you can address to me whenever through private message and even though there isn't as many of us yet and the forum has a long way to go to be a good material source for feet as IRF was, it already feels like a much better community in my opinion and I hope you - and everyone for that matter- finds this site useful for a very long time =)

I'm going to see if I can get in contact with Phil when he enters the original site again and see what he has to say for himself. There was completely no need for him to delete all of those posts, all of that hard work and dedication that us contributors made to his site and it's been for nothing. I'm gonna ask him if he actually has the decency to inform people, who are unaware of the disbandment of the original IRF board ,to either carelessly donate money for his new site or register on this forum and I'll try and see if we can nab some galleries or what have you in the process. I'll let you all know how that goes but please be sure to enjoy this site in the meantime =)

Thanks, Radley

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04/11/2016 8:00 AM  #8

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

thx for the invite! 


05/11/2016 1:30 AM  #9

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

I'm so glad this has been set up! Much thanks. I was pissed about the money thing as well from IRF...also since you really shouldn't be charging people to look at images of photos you yourself don't own any rights to. Oh well, this page is awesome so far and I'm looking forward to this. Peace


05/11/2016 11:37 PM  #10

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

Dear Admin,
thank you so much  for sending me the website url on the old website. I tried to log in to Phils new website but I can;t seem to access it seems like the new website is only accessible for paid members which is really frustrating since I tried to log in there so many times but now I am glad I am here


14/11/2016 4:34 PM  #11

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

so everybody is here now? I was using other forum someone created but apparently they decide to delete the forum


22/11/2016 1:34 AM  #12

Re: What is going on with It's Raining Feet?...

Damn... I had so many posts on IRF from obscure episodes. The best screencaps of Ross Thomas' soles and toes in Beyond the Break... FUCK YOU PHIL! I FOUND THOSE PICS MYSELF!

Anyway, happy we have a replacement! Spread the good word, fellow fetishists <3


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